First Blogs Are Always Stupid

This one will be no exception.

The first blog post reminds me sitting at a typewriter with a blank piece of paper staring back at you.

This Was A Cool TypewriterYes, I did say typewriter and paper. When I was in college, I used one of these dinosaurs to write my papers on. My room mate had a Brother Word Processor. I considered getting one, but it was nothing but a typewriter with a screen on it – it seemed a terrible waste of money, to me.

There were computers at the “Computer Lab” but I preferred to clack away in my dorm room. I sat there one night, in my extremely cheap and extremely uncomfortable $29.00 Ames quality desk chair…staring at the blank page. (Incidentally, I miss Ames. When it was nearby in Hamlin, I hated it, but that was before I became convinced that Wal*Mart is the Store of the Anti-Christ…)

My paper was due in the morning, and it was 11pm. I had nothing to write.

“TERROR OF THE BLANK PAGE,” I typed in screaming capital letters. “There! Now you are no longer blank! Ha! How do you feel about that!?? DEATH TO THE BLANK PAGE! DEATH I SAY!”

Or something like that. I ended up writing my paper, getting it finished around 5 a.m. Just in time to go to sleep for two and a half hours before breakfast.

I told you first blogs were stupid.

This one is no exception.


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