Gee, Thanks – But Where’s the Band Room?

I have a feeling that the stupid category is going to be the one with the most entries.

Tonight, my 12-year old daughter (herewith known as Teeky. Don’t tell her, though) was invited by her band teacher to participate in a concert at another school in our district. This is a smaller school and Mr. M needed another clarinet player.

Teeky was a little nervous because she hadn’t been to this school before, and she was uncertain about finding her way around, even though Mr. M assured her she’d have no trouble. I told her not to worry, someone inside would direct us to the band room.

As soon as we went inside, we spotted a custodian, standing with his hands in his pockets, shooting the breeze with two ladies. I smiled and said “Excuse me – could you please tell us how to get to the band room?”

He laughed incredulously and pointed at my daughter. “Doesn’t she know where it is??” he said, unable to contain his laughter. Teeky turned red with embarrassment.

“As a matter of fact, no she doesn’t. She’s never been here before. She was invited to play tonight with the band.”

“Oh, she’s from the north school?” he asked, still not telling us where the band room is. “Why?”

At this point one of the other ladies interrupted and said “Come on, I’ll show you where it is…” and she kindly took us to our destination, while Uriah Heep kept his hands in his pockets and continued to snicker. About what, anyone can guess.

You would expect an immature display like that from a kid, maybe – but then again, maybe not. When you ask an adult for such simple help, you don’t expect to be ridiculed and interrogated.

Just tell us where the band room is, okay?

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