Please Just Go Away

go awayAm I unAmerican for saying that I want the Democratic Presidential primary candidates to GO AWAY? Please, why is this taking so long? Why did the Republicans get finished so much sooner? Is McCain THAT attractive? Had the Republicans had a Dynamic unDuo like Nobama and Shrillary, would they still be going at it too? (shudder)

Forgive my ignorance, I don’t delve into politics very often. It just seems unnaturally long for this primary thing to be going on…but maybe I was just very unobservant in the past. When will it be OVER?

Though I will say, I think it is pretty cool that I bowl wayyyy better than Barak Obama – of course, I guess you’d have to be really bad to be beaten by him. (Pssst…my average is about 56.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally anti-Democrat (I do like some of them) and I’m most definitely not pro-Republican either (I don’t like most of them.) My vote is going for Ron Paul, because how can you not vote for someone with two first names?

I’m just tired of the “Will Senator Obama win? Can Hillary overcome this?” blah blah blah.

While we’re waiting for the answer, let’s head over to the Glider Diner in Scranton for a hearty sausage and pancakes breakfast; I hear Senator Obama was served more than he could eat when he was here in NEPA, wooing the Scrantonian public.

PS – another thing I hate about politicians. They think we’re stupid enough to lap up their tripe about “being for us” and “this is our home too” and all that nonsense when they’re trolling our towns. Right. Okay, whatever.

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