So Lonesome I Could Laugh…(?)

For reasons I shall not explain, I was on a website that consists purely of jokes. I got a kick out of the “Email This” link – it said “If you do not value your friendships, send this joke.” Ha!

Then I saw an option for “Jokes by Phone.” Are people so lonely, so desperate for messages and communicaiton, that they need to get text messages from a joke generator? Makes you wonder how many of these busy looking executive-type people are actuallyImportant text message reading jokes on their phones, rather than hashing out important, last minute details of a pending contract as they would have you believe.

Imagine: You’re having lunch with your friend when his phone alerts everyone in the vicinity that he has received a text message. His face grows serious as he says “Excuse me, this is important, I’m sorry…” and in reality he’s scrolling to find the punch line. He purses his lips and slips the phone back in his pocket. “It will have to wait,” he says with all seriousness. “I will have to deal with it at the office…”




2 thoughts on “So Lonesome I Could Laugh…(?)

  1. remistevens says:

    I bet if you owned one of these cell phone joke services, you’d find that they are much more predominantly used by men. Men have an innate psychological need to display their worth- like the chief’s feathers, or the cops notches on his gun. Frequent joke updates would give men the opportunity to display their ownership of fancy gadgets. . . .check it out next time you go to dinner with a mixed casual group of friends. Most of the men will plop their keys or phone or something on the table. . . .personally, i avoid the whole cell phone thing altogether- if you need me leave a message and i will rewind the tape and listen to you.

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