Thank you, but no…

Uhhh…does anyone want to know what a colon massage is? Or a colon center? A colon massage center? I really don’t.

Passed this sign in downtown Honesdale one day last summer. I am amused by the words chosen. I saw another one in Hawley that advertised “Used Music and DJ Service” – which of course begged the question – aren’t ALL DJ’s “used?” Unless you happen to be his first gig?

All over the Northeast PA, I see signs that just make me snicker. “Building Supplys” is a good one; another one is “Edith’s Hair Stylist.” Who is Edith, and why should we care who her hair stylist is?

Misplaced apostrophes are another favorite: “All Sort’s Of Rug’s To Choose From.”

I also enjoyed seeing a sign indicating that a business had moved “Next Door to Galinksy’s” – however, the neighboring business was Glinsky’s. Oops.

I know – this post is full of grammar errors too. Glass houses, throwing stones, all that. Difference being, I’m not trying to advertise my business with it. That’s my other blog. This one is just for good plain snarky fun.


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