Stupid Drunk Justice…

Okay, so this guy finally admits that he “drank some wine” before going to bed and then later getting up and having a hit & run accident, followed a few hours later by being involved in ANOTHER accident and killing a mother of three.

But the state troopers at the time did not feel it was necessary to check to see if the driver was DUI.

Interesting that the driver was the stepson of a state trooper involved in the investigation.

The accident occurred 2 years ago. Now, he’s finally “come clean” and claims that he drank some red wine, went to bed, got up hours later and dashed off to work in a mad rush. (Okay, sure….I don’t know about you but if I drank “some” red wine and slept for a few hours I’d probably be pretty sober by morning, but hey, I guess it depends on what your definition if “some” is.)

Anyway, he claims that his stepfather did NOT try to hide anything and in fact, told him to “be a man” and take responsibility for this. The way it was worded made it seem that the trooper told him this at the time of the accident, but I could be wrong..but if I’m not…

Which begs the question: if the stepfather / trooper told him to “be a man” and “take responsibility” why didn’t the trooper step forward and say “Hey, he was drinking…” While three children are without their mother, this poor guy has been “unable to drive” and has needed “counseling.” Oh, you poor thing.

On the day of the accident the hospital took blood tests which showed him to have a significant blood alcohol content, even then – HOURS and HOURS after he supposedly drank “some” wine….why was this NEVER investigated THEN?? Didn’t someone at the hospital think “Hey, this guy caused an accident that KILLED a woman, shouldn’t this blood alcohol level be reported?” Oh yeah, his PRIVACY, his precious, murderous PRIVACY needed to be protected.

This is only coming to light because if a very diligent estate attorney for the victim’s family. If it weren’t for the attorney, this would have been swept into a pothole, or under the trooper’s hat.

Coming from a family of drinkers, and having lost a brother to drinking and driving, this is a very sore spot with me.

DRUNK DRIVING SHOULD BE A CAPITAL OFFENSE. It kills INNOCENT PEOPLE who have families who need them. It should also be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE with STIFF PENALTIES – as in, JAIL TIME, for those who cover it up.

Doctors and nurses are required to report suspected child abuse, they should also be required to report DUI offenses as well.

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