A Smarter Smart

I have SO been looking forward to the new Get Smart movie. I loathe the fact that Nick at Nite dropped the

Don & Barbara - The Original Smart Team

Don & Barbara - The Original Smart Team

excellent series in order to run 14 back to back episodes of Roseanne and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air every night. To me, Nick at Nite is not about junk from the 80s and 90s, it was all about the cool stuff that you can’t really see anywhere else – Get Smart, The Patty Duke Show, Mr. Ed, Make Room for Daddy…but that was the Nick at Nite of many years ago.

*I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, I was born in the wrong generation.*

I will say this – I was not very disappointed in the new movie. I was a little disappointed, but overall, I’ll give the new Get Smart movie a B+.

  • Steve Carell did an excellent job as Max. He did not try to be Don Adams, which was smart, because he couldn’t.  His Max is different – smarter, but still clumsy and loveable.I admit, this was my biggest fear, that he’d try to be Don Adams.  While he obviously was his own Max, Steve managed to deliver some of the stuff that made us love Max in the first place back in the day.  He did use the shoe phone, he pulled the “Would you believe….” line on Siegfried….and he brought in the line “Missed it by THAT much!”  Kudos to Steve – you didn’t disappoint me at all, you impressed me, and I love your Max almost as much as I love Don’s.
  • Which brings me to Agent 99. Anne Hathaway was great.  BUT….she was not 99.  This 99 was mean spirited thoughout most of the movie.  Barbara Feldon was able to be a very competent agent without being a bully….she never lost her feminine softness.   Anne’s 99 was no different than your typical Bond Girl agent, trying to be a man in a woman’s body, I suppose…I think if she were more subtle it would have been better.
  • Tough Guy Agent 23 – Funny. I  I loved it when 23 destroyed Larraby’s cell phone during a meeting (but it wasn’t Larraby’s phone..LOL)  My husband about died when Max kissed Agent 23 in order to get away, but I thought it was brilliantly funny!
  • Alan Arkin was an awesome Chief. He was a bit softer around the edges than Edward Platt, but I also could never see Edward Platt punching out the Vice President or a Secret Service guy, either.
  • Cameos: Thank you for bringing in Bill Murray as poor Agent 13, the agent stuck in a tree.  I used to love wondering where Agent 13 would show up next on the series.  Too bad Bill only had this one scene…but the best cameo was Bernie Koppell (the original Sigfried.)  I was disappointed that Barbara Feldon did not appear in a cameo role; I read a rumor somewhere that she declined due to health reasons.

Hey – why did Larraby never have a number?  Interesting.

Anne & Steve - Smartly Different

Anne & Steve - Smartly Different

I also enjoyed some of the pop culture stabs – James Caan, the President of the United States, doesn’t pronounce nuclear correctly and The Chief gets really mad and yells NUCLEAR! NUCLEAR!.  While Sigfried is planning on bombing Los Angeles, his partner says “Too bad about losing all the movie stars though…” and Sigfried says “Indeed…what will the world do without their keen political advice?”

Things that kept the movie from getting an A (for me…I realize this won’t bother most people, but it bothers me and will keep me from letting the kids see it) is the scattered language and some of the mildly crude sexual jokes.

I’ve seen and heard much worse, yes…BUT…

The original TV show as wildly funny and entertaining without even the tiniest trace of inappropriate remarks or situations.

Like I said, I was born in the wrong generation.

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