A Stitch In Crime

Leonard Nimoy.

Will Geer.

Anne Francis.


The makings of my favorite Columbo episode.

A Stitch In Crime, Season 2.

A Stitch In Crime, Season 2.

I don’t know which is more difficult to wrap my brain around; Spock as a cold blooded murderer, or Grandpa as a cardiac surgeon.  The Man About the Place and I, avid Twilight Zone fans, enjoyed seeing Anne “Marcia” Francis in this episode too.

This was a brilliantly executed episode.  Leonard Nimoy plays Dr. Mayfield, a menacingly enthusiastic cardiac surgeon who is just dying to get a new transplant resistance drug out of the lab and into people, but is hindered by his cautious partner, lovable and grumpy Dr. Hidemann, (Will Geer) who wants to test the drug longer.  Fortunately for Mayfield, Hidemann has a serious heart condition which requires surgery.  Unfortunately for Hidemann, Mayfield will be the surgeon.

Fortunately for Hidemann, his nurse (Anne Francis) notices that Mayfield used disolvable stitches when stitching up the good doctor – meaning that the stitches will dissolve around that new heart valve, causing his death which will not seem suspicious at all.   Unfortunately for the nurse, Mayfield needs to get rid of her for this knowledge.

Will Columbo figure it out in time to save Hidemann?  Will Columbo get the goods on Mayfield?

Of course he gets his man – Columbo always gets the bad guy in the end.  What I enjoyed about this episode

Columbo Loses His Cool

Columbo Loses His Cool

was the great chemistry between Peter Falk and the cast.  Nimoy’s Mayfield is so arrogant and cocky – and Columbo becomes furious and gives us a rare display of his frustration and anger with the murderer.  Usually calm and collected, Columbo violently slams a statue on the desk and startles Mayfield in such a way that it made me laugh out loud. (view Columbo/Nimoy clip here!)  He rarely confronts his killers with such a ‘tude!

I love Columbo – I love Peter Falk.  I love this episode; in fact, I think I’ll re-watch it tonight!

Interesting Columbo Trivia: Six Million Dollar Man / Columbo connection!


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