Tiggering My Way Through Life, Part 1

The other night The Man About the Place and I took the kids out for dinner. It was a spontaneous decision, and we headed to Newfoundland, planning on some pasta or something from Napolitano’s.

Dang, it was closed. The Man and I did not want to go to Scranton, nor did we want fast food. We settled on Kay’s (after convincing The Boy that it was NOT KFC) in Lake Ariel. Had a nice time, nice atmosphere, nothing fancy schmancy, just very nice. Good food.

My husband probably wishes that he drove home.

Upon leaving Kay’s parking lot, instead of turning left to go home, I made a right and said “Let’s see what’s up this road!” As a real estate agent, this is what I do – drive around to see what’s around the bend. The Man was pleasantly surprised to discover an establishment that offers kiln dried wood. Interesting.

See, if we would have just gone straight home, he’d have never known it was there.

Have You Moooed Lately?

Have You Moooed Lately?

We follow this road to its conclusion and end up on Golf Park Road. We turn right.

Well, now the fun begins. I’m silly from eating too much pasta I guess, because we come across a herd of cows, just standing there looking at us. I did the natural thing; I rolled down the window and “MOOOOOOed” at them. The kids giggled.

The Man remained poker faced but I think I made him smirk, anyway. Then we all got to laughing at how funny the cows looked, just staring at us. We came up with things the cows might be saying or thinking.

A bit further down the road, we saw some deer. We pulled over and talked to them too. Silly…I suppose. I see deer all the time, usually with gritted teeth hoping they weren’t about to jump in front of my Honda.

Tonight though, we stopped and talked to them. Well, I talked, the kids laughed, and The Man probably wondered if we were going to get home before midnight.

Tigger would have been proud of me, I think.

Stay tuned for Part Two – Living the Last Lecture.


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