Forced Greetings in Church

I really hate “Greeting Time” in church – you know, when the pastor tells you to go around and shake hands with someone else.

I’m not anti-social.  I just don’t like this structured greeting nonsense.  You can only say “Hi, how are you?” and say “I’m good” or “I’m okay…” and quickly move on to the next person before being told to sit back down again.  It is very artificial, in my opinion.

I would really rather if the church service would just flow naturally, and then the greeting of one another can occur either before church starts – or after it ends.  It will leave us with the ability to have more sensible and worthwhile fellowship….not a forced handshake before the offering.


2 thoughts on “Forced Greetings in Church

  1. Elliot – thanks for commenting. When I am a stranger in a church, I much prefer to have people greet me when I arrive/come in or after the service – I do not like being the “center of attention” in the middle of the service. And I never like being greeted just because someone said “Say hi to her, will ya?” unless it’s my friends joking at a party –

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