Obama Critics: Uninformed & Not Objective

If you don’t care for Obama, then you are uninformed & lack objectivity.  At least, that’s what I’ve come across online.

You are only respected if you say that Obama (or whoever the current liberal darling is…past darlings no longer count) is absolutely right and exactly what our country needs.

If you point out the shortcomings of previous democrats (in an effort to show that incompetence knows no particular party) you are ridiculed as being an uninformed bumpkin.

By stating that I’m not too keen on the current Poster Child of the DNC, I am “entrenched in deeply rooted biases and prejudices.”

It’s funny – I had just stated that

    I would vote for Bill Clinton

(don’t tell my husband I said that) were he able to run for President again – I prefer him over Obama AND McCain.  So I don’t have any “deep rooted biases and prejudices” against dems…. Am I biased and prejudiced because I happen to be white, and Obama is not?

(I’ve stated many times that I wish David Palmer, the character on 24 created by Dennis Haysbert, could be our President.  I really do not have any race issues at all with Obama.)

I don’t care if he’s black, white, young, old, or purple.  I just think he plain stinks as a possible President.

And McCain ain’t much different, in my book.

I just wish people would let me have, and express this opinion, without throwing sand about being biased and ill informed and stupid and what-not.  Just grow up, already.  It really is okay to disagree nicely.


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