How Quickly We Forget

I was continuing a discussion online about Obama being President when someone said “We’ve had enough WAR, it’s time for a change…” or something to that effect. The idea was that Republicans are war mongers and Democrats are peace loving dudes.

With my tongue a little in cheek, I posted a simplistic response…World War 2 was entered into under a Democratic President, the Korean Conflict was entered into under a Democratic President (and ended under a Republican), Vietnam was entered into under a Democratic President (and ended under a Republican). I neglected to put the first Gulf War down though I should have but my point was – the Dems have had their fair share of entering wars and Republicans have ended them….I really don’t think party has anything to do with it.

I made a comment about the WTC being attacked under President Clinton’s watch…because as we know, most people want to blame everything that’s wrong today on President Bush.

Another person on the Obama side was frustrated because those of us who were not for Obama were not being “objective” and were “biased” and “ill informed” (see previous blog for my rant on that.) The person said “Please can we stick to serious informed dialogue?” She demanded facts with footnotes…

So I asked her if she denied anything I posted about the Presidents and war ….asked her if she denied that it was under a Dem that the WTC was attacked.

This was ignored because I was being “sarcastic” and “attacking.” (Okay.) Until today.

Someone else said they were disputing my factoid that the WTC was attacked under Clinton; it occurred in 2001, only seven years ago. Well, at least he/she has some math skills.

I guess the February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center doesn’t count because “only” six people were killed. It doesn’t count because it didn’t succeed in destroying the Towers. It “only” hurt 1,000 people…

No, actually it “didn’t count” because it was forgotten. Or maybe never even known about (Not sure how old this person is….but supposedly everyone on this forum is at least 18…or should be.)

This is sad. The US targets were actually attacked several times under the Presidency of Clinton. It’s very easy to forget what led up to 9/11 and blame G.W. Bush for the entire mess, but it’s not accurate or even fair. Terror attacks have been ongoing for decades.

That there are people out there who don’t remember something as traumatic as the 1993 bombing in New York City scares me….those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it – how true it is.


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