Child Abuse and Abortion

Was reading a thread about child abuse on a local news station message board.   The parents in question had been living in filth for at least the last six years – their home was full of rotted food and feces, and the children were running around wild and filthy as well.  The children ranged in age from a year old to six years old.

Side note:  I wonder if these people qualify as “child abusers” or just plain “ignormauses.”   I don’t know the whole story, but if the parents were living in the squalor and filth right along with the kids I would bet that they had no idea they were “abusing” their kids, they were just stupid.  But again, I don’t know the whole story.  Maybe they were forcing the kids to live in the poop while they took care of themselves.  At any rate, that’s not the point.

Someone made the comment “This is why abortion should be kept legal.”  Implying of course that it is better for the child to be aborted from the womb than to grow up in an abusive household.


How did legal abortion prevent THIS?  As far as I know, abortion in PA has been legal for some time.  But kids are still being abused.

Do they think that someone is going to say “I’m going to abuse this kid if I have it so I may as well abort it and save it from all that grief.”

Frankly, I think that people who think that clearly and carefully probably won’t ever be in a position to have an unwanted pregnancy to begin with.

I’m so glad that my biological mother didn’t abort my brother and me – our biological father was little more than a sperm donor, a drunken nasty mean man who cared for nobody but himself….a lot of abortion activists would have hailed my mother as a hero, I suppose, had she “exercised freedom of choice.”

But I wouldn’t be here, my brother wouldn’t be here, our kids wouldn’t be here.

None of us has any right to take away someone else’s life – regardless of how noble we think our reasons are.


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