Escape To Scotland For An Afternoon

Highland Mystique: A Suspenseful and Romantic Scottish Adventure

Highland Mystique is probably one of the best suspense / romance novels with a Christian perspective that I’ve read in a long time.  While I enjoy reading some Christian romantic fiction, after a while you see the blueprint for the novels tends to be the same; the characters are often one-dimensional caricatures with very little resemblance to real people with real desires and weaknesses as well as strengths.  Not so with Highland Mystique.

In this Christian romance, you find a hero and a heroine with real emotions and a strong desire for one another, with an equally strong desire to honor their faith and each other.  They are intelligent, strong, and courageous; not the least bit boring or unrealistically perfect.

Missy’s story begins when she leaves her home town and heads to Scotland, trying to find the answer to an enigmatic vision.  Once there, she finds herself captured in a dangerous adventure that could be the death of her.

Will the handsome, mysterious artist she falls in love with be able rescue her from the life-threatening danger she never expected?

I had the honor of reading Highland Mystique when it was still in its early stages, before it was published.  I stayed up all night long reading it; I could not put it down.  It actually reminded me a lot of the Victoria Holt mysteries I have loved for years – with a modern setting and more distinct Christian point of view.

What truly sets this Christian romance apart from others is that the characters are real people whom you can relate to…they have real passions, desires, and temptations; their struggles are real without being sinful.

The author, Debra Thomsen, lives in northeast PA with her husband and three children.  Debra is not only a talented writer and terrific mom; she is also one of my long-time friends and I’m excited to review her book on my blog!

Order Highland Mystique (great Christmas idea!!!) directly from the publisher here (paperback or ebook versions available.)  It is also available from and Barnes & Noble.


One thought on “Escape To Scotland For An Afternoon

  1. Thanks for sharing this book. I didn’t know about it. I’ve read all of Kathleen Morgan’s, and some of Carol Umberger, and just bought two of Liz Curtis Higgs. My first debut novel will be out in May 2010 and its a Scottish Medieval, Highland Blessings.

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