Wizzy’s Wild & Wacky Music Blips

I’ve died and gone to music heaven.   Finally, there is a place online to cater to my bizarre and eclectic music tastes, and I can find that there are other people who like Buck Owens, Grandpa Jones,  Duke Ellington, Ronnie Milsap, AC/DC, Queen, Abba, and Peggy Lee.

Welcome to Blip.fm.  The place for music lovers to meet, greet, and share what they love.

Blip.fm For Musicophiles Everywhere

Blip.fm For Musicophiles Everywhere

While it’s unlikely that I’ll find another person who enjoys all of these, the fact that someone blipped Grandpa Jones and Buck Owens makes me feel less insane.

Not only do I get to create my own playlists, and grab songs from other playlists, but I can comment on the songs, just like a DJ.

Well, okay, maybe not JUST like  DJ, but close enough for me!

I originally signed up to Blip with the call letters of the old radio station I used to obsess over, WLSP (Hit Kickin’ Country).  I wrote about that and my obsession with the DJ’s here. Cool side note: I recently “met up” with one of those DJ’s online and had a grand time shooting emails back & forth, asking “Remember this?” and “Remember that?”

Blip with me here! Start your own “station” and let’s swap songs!


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