Why Are You Voting For (fill in the blank)?

On my Facebook page, I came across an audio file posted by one of my friends.  It is pretty disturbing, to me, at least.

Know Your Candidate!

Know Your Candidate!

It’s an “on the street” kind of interview with voters in Harlem who state they are voting for Barack Obama.  The disturbing part came when the reporters asked which Obama policies they agreed with – and then gave them McCain policies to choose from.  None of the people in the interview said “Whoa, those aren’t Obama policies!”

Naturally, I KNOW that this audio file is comprised of carefully selected responses, and I KNOW that someone else could do the same thing with McCain supporters / policies.  That’s not the point.

The point, for me is, that there are voters out there, supporting someone, without having A CLUE as to WHY.  They are supporting a name, an idea, a race (black OR white.)

People, please.  Educate yourselves before you pull that lever on Election Day Tuesday.  Know WHY you are voting for the person you choose – don’t do it just because someone else says so, because you THINK you know the candidate’s politics, or because you get warm fuzzies when you listen to him…or because another one simply makes you angry.

Don’t listen to the pundits, listen to the candidates themselves.

Voting Booth Photo courtesy of thepodger, via Flickr / Creative Commons.


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