Pierce who?

I have to say that Daniel Craig is the very best James Bond since Sean Connery. Cold, clean, clear…he is beyond sexy, beyond scary – he is IT.  He IS 007.  Quantum of Solace was one of my favorite Bond movies to date – I liked the throwback to Goldfinger, with the naked gal tossed on the hotel bed, dead, and smothered in oil.  Immediately, I recalled a similar scene, involving a gorgeous lady and gold paint….

This is difficult for me to say. I have long been a fan of Pierce Brosnan since his Remmington Steele days. I

My eyes adored you....

My eyes adored you....

have loved him forever. I was deeply offended that he was dropped as Bond, and I had no desire to see Casino Royale, though everyone told me it was awesome.

The world did not embrace Timothy.  What a pity.

The world did not embrace Timothy. What a pity.

I think that I loved Pierce as Bond just because he was Pierce Brosnan; not because he was BOND. I hated Timothy Dalton as Bond back in the day, because he was not Pierce. Please, forgive my ignorance. Dalton was a very good Bond.  He tried to take Bond into an edgier, more menacing place. The world was just not ready for him yet.

The world should definitely be ready for Daniel Craig, though. He has eclipsed all others (particularly Roger Moore and that bizarre buffoon in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, can’t even remember his name…George something or other…Lazenby I think…) – he is even giving Sean Connery a run for the money for me.  OUCH!!

I was very annoyed when I finally consented to watching Casino Royale, and discovered that dang….it was good!

I like this edgier approach to Bond and am glad that the Powers that Be have decided to take Bond in this more serious direction, beyond the goofy gadgets….but M is still there, the occasional puns are still there…the sex appeal is still there…for crying out loud, the sheer brute strength of this guy is amazing.  He took out 4 other secret service men in an elevator in like, 2 seconds flat.  He is equally appealing, whether he is decked out in a tux, or after a scuffle and covered in blood and dirt.  He is THE MAN.

His Piercing Blue Eyes Make Me Forget Pierce

His Piercing Blue Eyes Make Me Forget Pierce

I left the theater craving more…more…more…more…more Bond….ala Daniel Craig.  Delicious!

PS – Pierce, I still love Remmington Steele – and you were terrific in Evelyn and Mama Mia. I still love you, don’t worry…



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