Chloe, Upload the Schematics and Set up a Perimeter!

“Dammit!” (to quote my favorite action hero…)

Did Chloe Set Up That Perimeter???

Did Chloe Set Up That Perimeter???

Yes, yes, my friends, JACK IS BACK!! As I type this there are 35 minutes left before Jack rules the world!

One of the things that kept me sane during the worthless previous season was simul-blogging with Dave Barry during every episode.

I’m happy to note that Dave will be continuing this delightful tradition tonight, though I may self destruct as I can micro blog on Twitter and Facebook at the same time…oh, dear!

Hopes for this season:

Audrey dies. I don’t care how, just that it happens. Not only will this be a great relief to all of us, but it opens new doors for plot development: Heller naturally blames Jack, and goes dark, and among all the other terrorists and rabble rousers, Jack needs to battle the Secretary of Defense. (William DeVane is not suited to be a good guy, he’s obviously bad to the bone, so let’s see him try to plot the destruction of the world just to spite Jack.)

Kim leaves the world behind to go find that cougar, and make friends with it, or something. I don’t hate her enough to want her dead, but I hate her enough to not want her around.

Edgar turns out to not have died, but has secretly been living in the tunnels beneath CSU, doing Edgar stuff. I want Edgar! I want Edgar! The single worst thing they did, besides keep Audrey, was kill off Edgar. Well, that and killing of Nina. Nina was a terrific recurring evil person.

Some closure with the formerly evil, now supposed religious ex-President Logan. I actually want him back in some capacity. He was so good at playing someone who you could laugh at and despise at the same time. I sincerely hope that Martha didn’t kill him with that paring knife.

Martha and Aaron were so boring last time around – I’d like to see them disappear somewhere together and know that they’re happy.

tony tony tony

tony tony tony

Finally: MY TONY.


Also, I’m looking forward to the recaps from The Amazing Steve.  I’ve totally missed this part of my life.


Here is Steve’s recap of Redemption.

PART TWO: 24 Redemption: The Morning After


2 thoughts on “Chloe, Upload the Schematics and Set up a Perimeter!

  1. Hi! Thanks for the mention in your blog posting. I appreciate the kind words!

    The write-up ended up being nine pages, which I think we six pages longer than the actual plot!

    Take care,

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