24 Redemption: The Morning After

Well, here it is, the Morning After. I’ve had some time to mull over the advertisement for Season 7 prequel for 24/7.  Here are some of my thoughts, and some favorite thoughts from Dave Barry and his band of wild 24 Bloggers.

Beware the Thighs of Death

Beware the Thighs of Death

First, the good things:

  • Jack got to kill LOTS people, with his gun, a knife, some dynamite, and his thighs.
  • Bad guys capture and torture Jack to “make him talk” before “killing him.”  Ha! Fools!
  • There was no reference to Audrey.
  • Weenie Tom Lennox was back.
  • Aside from Christopher Walken, nobody is a better creepy, horrible bad guy than Jon Voight.
  • Jack demonstrated how a small army is no match for him.
  • Powers Boothe was back, and for the life of me I can’t figure out if he’s a good guy, or a bad guy.  Either way, he’s creepy and fun.

Now, the disturbing things:

  • Children being shot.  No like, no like.  I don’t care if it IS reality in Africa, I do not like 24 having small children as soldiers and victims.
  • The New Prez.  Ech!  Who dug her up and thought she’d make a terrific President?  She is easily as dull as Wayne Palmer.  She seriously needs a new hairstyle, too.
  • No CHLOE? What the heck?
  • Jack mentioned Kim.  Which means, we may see her in the upcoming season.  Darn!  And her karma got mingled all over that scarf that he gave that kid (why did that kid like that scarf anyway?)  Thanks to that scarf, Jack’s friend died by stepping on a mine trying to save the dopey kid who was retrieving his scarf.  This is proof positive that KIM MUST STAY GONE.

From the Teaser for Season 7 Following This Teaser for Season 7:

Tony Almeida (*~*sigh*~*) returns – as a BAD GUY?  As a ROGUE? Come on, there must be some mistake.  My Tony was all broken up over Michelle, to be sure, but you can’t seriously make me believe he’s gone to The Dark Side, can you?  Funny tidbit:

Jack, to Tony: I’m going to kill you and this time you’ll STAY dead!”

tee hee.  Okay, as much as I love My Tony, I love the growling menacing Jack even more!

Jack, to New Lady who is Not Audrey: “What do you want me to do? This is your call.”

Non-Audrey Person: “Do whatever it takes, torture him if you have to.”  Both Jack and the victim look surprised at this, because Jack is in mighty hot water for doing just that .

Chloe: “I’m a stay at home mom.”  This, in and of itself, cracks me up.

CTU was disbanded?  Dang.  The FBI has been compromised?  Well duh, if CTU isn’t around anymore to be compromised, then we need SOMETHING for terrorists to terrorize!

Some of my favorite quotes from Dave Barry’s Blog last night:

From Dave Himself:

“OK, we get it. Jack is done with violence. Great. Now let’s get to the shooting.”

“A subpoena? Jack Bauer wipes his butt with their subpoena.”

“Does Jack just carry sticks of dynamite around in his pocket? Yes? OK, then.”

Tropichunt.com Guy:

“Wait, they’re getting kids to fight Jack Bauer now? Must be because adults know better…”

“Two guns and a few sticks of dynamite? Enough for Jack to take out a whole country!”

“Jack laughs at your silly torture…he’s already been killed twice!”


“Kids with machetes? Sounds like Fla. high schools.”


“How come they have excellent cell phone phone coverage in every third world country and they keep dropping my calls here in North America?”

“Uh oh kid. Jack just said you were his friend. That means you’re going to die!”


“Uh, it’s been 18 minutes and only one killed. I demand more unnecessary death!”

(BTW, SuzyQ needs to be credited with coming up with THIGHS OF DEATH. Thanks Suzy!)


“Ooh, let’s interrogate Jack Bauer. That always works.”

Read the rest of the pithy wisdom here.

In case you’re interested, here is my pre-Redemption Blog. It includes a link to a terrific recap by Steve the 24 Guy.



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