In Defense of Gift Cards

Why are They Dissed?

I’d really like to take this time to rant about how STUPID I think a certain line of thinking is, regarding gift cards.

“I think giving gift cards is 100% thoughtless unless you don’t know the person.”

It’s a gift, someone thought about you, someone drove to a store, and probably picked out a gift card with a cute picture on it – purchased it and sent it to you. It has value, it cost them something, and the best part is you can get what you want with it.

Is a birthday card with a scribbled signature and nothing to go with it more thoughtful? The same thought that goes into buying a gift card goes into buying a birthday card – unless it’s a birthday card from a box, which means there is even LESS thought behind it.

My brother’s family lives 3000 miles away. I have not seen them for 14 years with the exception of two days this July. I do not know what they have, what they want, what they need, what they don’t need. But I show that I love and think about them and want to give them something. I not only pick out a different style card for each family member, but I pick one with a picture on it that will appeal to them. I then purchase a tiny gift to go with it, like a new pair of gloves or a new pair of socks, and wrap them up with a “XXXOOO DON’T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS” message on it.

And I know that a lot of people get hoity toity, dismissing gift cards as “thoughtless” – when actually it might be the most thoughtful thing someone can give, since they recognize maybe you might want something other than what they may pick for you.

I think looking down on someone’s gift of a gift card is as ungrateful as not liking some other gift (i.e., another useless set of stinky cheap lotion and shower gel in a basket, or a cheapo men’s tool kit with an imitation leather case, or two bottles of Old Spice….or yet another Hickory Farms box of fake cheese and stinky salami.)

Sorry, I had to get that off my chest – I’ve seen people degrade gift cards long enough!


BTW, there is an email circulating about store closings and gift cards, etc.  Here is an update from about it.



2 thoughts on “In Defense of Gift Cards

  1. Jeff C. says:

    If you really are addicted to gift card giving check out I found this on stumbleupon (also an awesome tool) but it is basically a giant hyperlinked directory of instant or emailable gift cards. Then you won’t even have to go to the store or ship anything Wizzy!

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