Recycled Holiday Greeting

This was originally posted on my blog.  I generally do not “recycle” my posts from there to here…but I decided to make a “crossover post” this time.


“Happy Holidays” has been a seasonal greeting since way before I was born. My parents had a recording of Bing Crosby

Happy Holidays from Hawley

Happy Holidays from Hawley

singing “Happy holidays…..happy holidays….” This was an acceptable greeting long before anything was politically correct, and in fact, lots of stuff was politically incorrect. There is no reason why “Happy Holidays” should be offensive.

Yet, some Christians are offended by it. According to them, the proper term should be “Merry Christmas,” since that is the “main” holiday we are celebrating (at least in their eyes.)

Actually I find it interesting that many Christians are upset about the idea of Christ being removed from Christmas…when Christmas was never a holiday He asked us to celebrate for Him, anyway.

Nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to celebrate Christmas, or the birth of Christ. In fact, many Christians don’t even celebrate it. Why?

Because, in their eyes, Christmas is nothing but a string of pagan-rooted traditions that have been Christianized…never mind the greed and materialism bred by this holiday. The Puritans refused to acknowlege Christmas; to this day there are different sects (including 7th Day Adventists and various fundamentalist believers) who do not observe Christmas.

I am not one of them. I like my Christmas tree, and I don’t worship it, and I could do without it (it’s rather a pain to put up, decorate, and take down…). I enjoy giving gifts to family and friends.

I like the lights, I like the decorations. I even like Santa Claus. We never taught our kids to believe in Santa-from-the-North-Pole-who-delivers-presents-to-good-kids (but we also taught them not to rain on someone else’s Santa parade…) I always felt sorry for the poor children who were very good but never got much from Santa. (Thankfully, we have the Marines filling in for Santa, but still….)

Anyway, I like “Happy Holidays” because it IS inclusive. I do not know many people who celebrate Hanukkah, but I’d like to wish them a happy holiday anyway. I don’t know of anyone who celebrates Kwaanza, and I really don’t know much about the celebration, but I’d like those who celebrate it to be included in my greeting.

And I’d like to think that when others say “Happy Holidays” that they are including Christmas in that greeting as well.

That’s enough for my soapbox for today. Click the picture below and enjoy the show I put together. I call it “Happy Hawley-Days!”

Click to View The Hawley-Day Show!

Click to View The Hawley-Day Show!


2 thoughts on “Recycled Holiday Greeting

  1. VJ says:

    Just delete this comment — but I HAVE BEEN WRITING !! Look in your bulk mail or see if you accidentally blocked my email. Nikki did that once and she couldn’t get my emails. I wrote you back yesterday too.

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