Nurse to Mom: Please Pick Up Your Son…He’s Just Not Himself Today

My girlfriend and I were out doing not-quite-so-last-minute Christmas shopping today. We went to “The Big City” of

"I'm Just Not Myself!"

"I'm Just Not Myself!"

Scranton, because we had plans on hitting Panera Bread, our favoritest place to go.

There was a two hour delay today so our “head start before the kids get off the bus this afternoon” plans were set back a bit, but, hey, we were heading out anyway (and we WERE going to hit Panera Bread!)

School started at 10:00. My friend’s son was back to school after a two week absence due to other issues but this morning he was bright eyed and bushy tailed and raring to go. Somewhere between the last time I saw him at 9:15 and the nurse calling us at 11:15, he “lost himself.”

“Please come and get him,” said the nurse on the phone.  “His teacher sent him down to me because he’s just not himself.”

No fever, no barfing, nothing like that. No, poor little guy just seems out of sorts and “just isn’t himself.”

Wow.  When I worked at the daycare center we were not allowed to call the parents unless the child had been throwing up or had a fever of at least 101.

We did some talking and realized that Sonny Boy knew that Mommy was shopping with me, and he was missing out on all the fun…and he had gym class today too, which wasn’t very appealing.

So his strategy almost worked – his evil plan worked on his teacher, and amazingly, the school nurse, but not on Mommy & Me.  Interestingly enough, he was just fine when he got off the bus and was playing with his friends.

“But mom, I was awful sick when the nurse called you.”

Yeah, right. Hon, ya gotta get up pretty early in the morning to pull a fast one on ol’ Mom and Wizzy.

Boy, if only WE had been lucky enough to have such a gullible nurse. I could have gotten out of a LOT of school, simply by not “acting myself.”

And let me tell you, the chicken tortilla soup in a sourdough bread bowl was amazing….


SAD BOY pic courtesy of jodiwilldare, Creative Commons


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