24 Hits & Misses

Why Did Jack Have Columbo's Coat?

Why Did Jack Have Columbo's Coat?

I was happy that 24 is back. There were many things that amused me, some that puzzled me, and some that annoyed me. Here are my personal “Hits & Misses” in case you care.

  • HIT:  Tony is BACK!
  • Miss: It was neither shocking, nor a surprise – the previews told us about it for months.
  • HIT:  Jack told off a pompous senator during a hearing.
  • Miss: Jack was wearing a tie and had a briefcase.  No hoodie or Jack Sack.
  • HIT:  Jack is quite rude when people harass him about his “techniques” with terrorist suspects.
  • Miss: Jack wore a Columbo-esque trenchcoat, sans wrinkles and cigar, for most of the episode.
  • HIT:  Fibbies think they can “handle” Jack.
  • Miss: There was not even a mention of Chloe.
  • HIT: Jack turned a Bic pen into a potential lethal weapon.
  • Miss: There was no mass destruction, and only three people got killed.
  • HIT: President Allstate is with us, via commercials.
  • Miss: Madame President is less interesting than Wayne Palmer in a coma, if that is possible.

Now, I would LOVE to be wrong about this prediction I’m about to give.  I’ve watched so many of these shows that it’s hard to be surprised anymore, but here’s my theory, and it’s hardly original…

TONY ISN’T REALLY A BAD GUY.  He’s an undercover double agent (gasp!)

Marwan Doesn't "Warn."

Marwan Doesn't "Warn."

My reason for suspecting this is mainly because Tony stopped the collision of the airplanes, and said it was just “a warning.”  Since when do real terrorists give WARNINGS?  Would MARWAN have done that?  HECK NO, he’s have let them crash, killing all the people he could, and everyone watching would have let out a roar of approval.

I was disappointed at the lack of death and destruction on this 24 season premier.  THIS IS WHAT WE’VE COME TO LOVE AND EXPECT from 24.  24 Redemption had a soccer game refereed with machine guns.  What is up? Why such a gentle premier?

And while I LOVE My Tony, I’d really like it to be true that he IS bad.  Nina Myers was one of the best characters ever, and the biggest mistake they ever made, apart from saving Kim and killing Edgar, (and killing Curtis…) was to kill off the lovely-but-lethal Nina.  Jack needs an adversary who knows him inside and out.

Dave Barry’s 24 Blog is the BEST.  Every episode is made even MORE entertaining with Dave’s commentary and everyone else’s comments.  My favorite quote from last night was by SuzyQ:

Aw, Tony came back all mean. Just like the animals who return from Pet Cemetary…”

Steve the 24 Guy – found him last season on Dave’s blog.  He writes AWESOME recaps, that are actually better than the show, esp. since there’s a bit of parody thrown in.  Thanks Steve!

My final note:  Welcome back, Jack – I’ve missed you, and I want to see you shoot some LOTSA thighs, and yell in people’s faces a LOT more.

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love



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