Cable TV: Buh-Bye!

Click. Reality show.
Click. Obnoxious commercial.
Click. Obnoxious commercial almost ending. Married with Children rerun.
Click. Some lame-o talent show.
Click. House Hunters. DESPISE House Hunters.
Click. Obnoxious commercial.
Click. Operation Repo. Please.
Click. Turner Movie Classics – unknown movie already in progress.

“Honey, could you pop in an Alfred Hitchcock DVD?”

I’m so sick and tired of never finding anything decent to watch on TV. Years and years ago, Nick At Nite could always be counted on to entertain me. Dragnet. Mary Tyler Moore. Get Smart. Make Room for Daddy. Now, it seems like all that’s ever on is STUPID George Lopez or a 24 hour Roseanne marathon. Don’t get me wrong, I like Roseanne, but not 12 episodes in a row. Flick on TV Land – Andy Griffith is on that channel, right? Nope, sorry, tonight it’s a Married with Children marathon. Blech.

Pay $40+ per month, there should be SOMETHING fun on to watch…and there is not. I’m not paying for it anymore. The three or four shows I actually watch per month are just not worth it.

I have & YouTube. I have Netflix. I have a gazillion VHS tapes and DVD’s. That’s more than enough, and won’t cost an extra $40 a month.

Buh-bye Cable. Don’t let my remote hit you on your way out.


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