Thanks a LOT, George W. Bush!!!!!

Bush and Cheney are the ones who hired Lee Harvey Oswald to take the hit for killing JFK – in actuality, it was Barbara Bush who pulled the trigger killing the now almost mythical Presidential Icon, and ol’ GWB and Dick Cheney helped cover it up so Barbara would not take the fall.

Everything that’s wrong in America and be traced back to Bush and Cheney. Heck, I’m of the notion that one of GWB’s great grandparents had something to do with the Ford Theater incident as well.

They certainly are the ones behind the assassination of MLK, and the Cheney ancestors kept the slaves oppressed for hundreds years. Oh yeah, the Bush and Cheney legacy includes careening us into Vietnam, too, and were largely responsible for helping Hitler take over Europe.

Personally, GWB is the reason I didn’t get asked to the prom in high school, and why my classmates nominated me for homecoming queen as a joke. I know that the reason I failed Psych 101 in college has something to do with Haliburton. To top it all off, they are the reason that three of my listings recently expired and never sold.

The world has gone to h-e-double-hockey sticks in a hand-basket, and the name on the basket spells BUSH.

The family’s power is far reaching and beyond your imagination.


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