Who Broke My Sweethearts? BAD MOVE NECCO!

necco sweethearts


Why, oh why, oh WHY did you change my beloved Sweethearts??????  I never buy any other conversation hearts; I hate Brachs, I hate Sweetarts, I ONLY ONLY ONLY ever buy Necco.

Every year, I can’t wait for January, because that means they’ll be on the shelves soon. For as long as I can remember, these have been my favorite candy.

I am disgusted by the new ones. (patooey!)  They are going in the garbage, and I am never buying them again unless you go back to the original.  Did you learn nothing from the “NEW COKE” of the 1980s? UGH, ICK , and BLECH!

Bring back my Sweethearts of Old! 😦


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