All Tangled Up

Rapunzel is All Tangled Up

Gotta Respect A Cast Iron Skillet

I wasn’t going to go see this in the theater but I broke down since it was my youngest daughter’s birthday today, and she wanted to see it, and my friend Sue was taking her daughter and extended an invitation to us.  Is that a run on sentence?

Naturally the only theater we choose to see movies in is the Cinemark over by Montage. Even the new theater by Kohl’s in Dickson City pales in comparison to Cinemark.  We are die hard Cinemark groupies.  Cinemark made the “wise” decision to keep this movie in one of its 20 screens, but kept the more expensive 3D version. Smart!  In protest, I refused to recycle my 3D glasses. If they want them back to give to someone else, they can give me a credit for them.  Rant over.

On to the movie: it was better than I expected. It was quite funny in many spots, and I think even guys would find it amusing. I even came across two teenage guys who admitted not only to going, but actually enjoyed the movie.

I liked that Disney parted from its often traditional stand of killing off (or leaving out completely) the girl’s mother. Even though Rapunzel was being raised by an evil witch pretending to be her mother, we all knew her real mother, a kind good Queen, was waiting for Rapunzel’s inevitable return.

This gal had spunk.  She had never seen a man before but when he climbed into her tower she smacked him, repeatedly, with a cast iron skillet.  It was great!   I could not make up my mind about Max, the odd bloodhound horse.  I guess he was OK.  I found the most giggles brought on by the band of ruffians who really wanted to do things like being a concert pianist, a mime, and an interior designer instead of living the lives of violent, grimy thugs.

Overall, it was a very satisfying experience.  I did think it was just strange that Rapunzel’s parents, like Princess Aurora’s, never had any other kids.  And as a woman who has had a hate/hate relationship with her hair for years and years, I found the climax of the story extremely satisfying.

Good job, Disney.  Tangled was good – we’ll probably add it to our DVD collection when it becomes available.


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