I just finished reading this blog written by Danielle Gauthier the mother of Morgan, a girl who was beaten and assaulted by not one bully, but several, in the cafeteria at McLaughlin Middle School in Manchester, NH.

This girl was beaten so badly that she lost teeth, needed to have her jaw wired, and she suffered a concussion. Her dentist said that Morgan’s was the worst dental trauma she had seen to a child’s mouth. Yet, the school and police seem very casual and blase about it. The school nurse treated the girl herself, rather than call an ambulance.

It came as complete shock when our family received a call from the school nurse stating that Morgan had been involved in a fight and “her mouth is a little screwed up”.  Upon arriving at her school it was very disturbing to see her condition.  Immediately we knew by the blood gushing and her inability to remember her mothers name or phone numbers, she should have been transported to the ER by ambulance.  Instead, she sitting in the nurses office being asked to stop crying.  Stop crying about the teeth that had been punched out of her head?

The assault in the lunch room took FOUR TEACHERS to get one of the bullying boys off of her.  Yet the school did nothing. The nurse told her to “stop crying.”

This is an outrage.  Please spread the word so that as many people as possible know about this atrocity.  These so-called “administrators” need to be called out, shamed – and in my opinion, REMOVED FROM THEIR POSITIONS for not only allowing this girl to be bullied, but for sitting back and doing NOTHING about it.

Please forward Danielle’s blog to everyone – we must ALL take a stand not only against bullying and bullies, but against IMPOTENT SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS!!!!!



  1. Here is another blog I read on bullying. I too was a victim, to a certain extent, of bullying. And I also was the bully in a few instances. I still remember some kids being mean to me on the bus or at school “just because.” Thank the Lord it never escalated to violence such as what Morgan experienced.

    This blog – I think I know this guy. I bet there was a kid like him in every school across America.

  2. Oh my goodness and thank you for highlighting this issue, Karen. I am so sorry to read about the ordeal that Morgan was subjected to. Those kids who beat her up should be prosecuted, booked in for assault and have a permanent black mark in their records. What little thugs they are and may God have mercy on their souls for bullying an innocent person who did nothing to them. Morgan deserves better and I hope that justice will be on their side. Morgan’s bullying is a wake up call for everyone to stop turning a blind eye. Bullying doesn’t just cause physical damage it also bruises a person’s self esteem and rob a person his or her happiness.

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