Spring Spheres Are Geometrically Incorrect

Yes, my friends, the PC Police are at it again! This time, a private school in Seattle has

Spheres by acoclke

These are colored spheres.

decided that the term “Easter Eggs” is religiously offensive, and prefers the use of “Spring Spheres” instead.

This is wrong on so many levels.  First of all, eggs are NOT spheres!  Spheres are round.  Eggs are not.

Second, and this will annoy people I am sure, but Easter Eggs are not Christian (which is the religion most PC Police are trying to protect the world from with these stupid ideas) and to be honest, neither is the term “Easter.”  So banning Easter eggs is kinda silly, as pagan stuff tends to be more acceptable and PC…

I would worry about the education my child is receiving at such a school; they don’t know

Vanherdehaage stream

These are colored eggs.

that Easter Eggs are really in the  “non Christian” camp by their very name, nature, and origin anyway; and furthermore, they obviously don’t know geometry.

Colored ball photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, Acockle’s photostream.

Easter eggs photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, Vanherdehaage’s photostream.

Karen Rice, AKA Wizzy


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