Put Down the M & M’s. Really.

Do not just put them down.

Throw them out.

I was once svelte and sexy – I weighed about 124-127 lbs all the time.  Rarely did I deviate beyond a few pounds.

Here I am just out of high school, in 1987, with my beloved car:

Sexy Camaro Girl

1987 and Feeling Fine

I remember my fiance telling me “Don’t ever get fat!” before we got married. And I

A Skinny Bride

March 25 1995

laughed at him.  Of course I won’t ever get fat!

That was almost over 17 years ago…we are celebrating our 17th anniversary on March 25th.  And guess what?

I’m fat. 237 lbs fat. My BMI score labels me as “severely obese” which is positive; I was certain I had crossed over into “morbidly obese” range (that’s after a BMI of  40).

Severely Obese

A Rare Photo of All Of Me

If you have known me a while you will know this is not my first post about my weight, and it won’t be my last. I have weighed less than this and declared I was going on a diet.  When I first became horrified of my weight, I weighed about 224 lbs, and was shocked.  I started Weight Watchers and lost about 50 lbs or so, give or take.

Then I got a job as a secretary in a real estate office. I thought it was awesome, as now I could have enough money to go to the gym on a regular basis. Only that didn’t happen, and people trying to get business with our agents kept coming in to the office with Krispy Kreme donuts.

I lost the battle, and caved in…the sugar was too addictive.  Though I was happy to be down into a size 16 jeans and trying for 14…I slowly brought the weight back up.

Then I got tired of achy joints and plantar fasciitis and feeling like a stuffed pig all the time, and I started again. I once again signed up for Weight Watchers.  But my life got too out of control. I was now a real estate agent and on the road a lot.  McDonald’s and Turkey Hill (convenience store like 7-11 with awesome personal pizzas) became my habit.  I drank multiple Coca Colas or Dr Peppers a day on top of tons of coffee to keep “moving.”  I would come home and crash, and reach for sugar cereals like Froot Loops to keep me awake to work on the computer. I wanted to stop.  Get off this crazy merry go round and be healthy, not some walking time bomb.

I made public boasts on Facebook and my blog thinking that would keep me motivated to lose weight. But as time went on, I found myself forgetting…grabbing a pizza, grabbing some fries…coming home to more sugar.  My problem isn’t with craving fats as much as it is craving sugar. When I’m thirsty I want a coke. When I’m hungry, I want sweetened cereals or cookies or cake.

So here I am once again, at 237 lbs.  I am scared.  I don’t like being out of breath simply because I climbed 15 stairs.  I don’t like it that people at the office know  *I* am the one coming upstairs and say “Hi Karen!” before I even show my face…I am the only one I guess who huffs and sounds like a dairy cow plodding up the steps with heavy feet.

Yesterday I looked at a home for sale with a narrow stairway and I realized I could not make it up those stairs without squeezing myself through the passage. That, my friends, is embarrassing and humiliating.  I try to laugh it off and make fun of myself in a lighthearted way, to show others I know I’m obese and that it doesn’t bother me.

But. It does.

I am scared because every day I find it more difficult to get out of bed, out of the house…I want to stay home. I don’t want to “go” anywhere.  I am sad because I am always the one with the camera, or I am hiding behind my children or I crop most pictures to head and shoulders where I don’t look quite so huge.

I have the tools, I have the knowledge.  I want to juice fresh fruits and veggies so I can be healthy and have energy and feel like leaving the house.

Once again, I am going to embark on the journey. Maybe it was the achy feeling I had in my arm yesterday, maybe it was the fact that going upstairs to my bedroom at home or my desk at the office tires me out and makes me lose my breath…maybe it’s the fact that I’m hiding behind my children in almost every recent photo of me…I don’t know. I just know that I want to stop the Fat Train and get off.  I want to be this girl again:

Healthy Happy

Healthy and Happy

Not this one anymore:

Fat Mama Has to Go

Hiding behind my Child

This isn’t about looks really…it’s about my health. I want to enjoy my life, not barely endure it. I don’t care so much about looking “svelte and sexy” anymore…but I do care about diabetes, stroke, heart attacks…ya know?


10 thoughts on “Put Down the M & M’s. Really.

  1. I wish I had a child to hide behind in photos. I wear two times the size I wore just about 3 years ago, my metabolism changed. I am so short I am usually in the front of group photos. I need to exercise. I also need to not eat the M&Ms and a whole lot of other things.

  2. Hugh Krone says:

    This past year I lost 45 lbs and have kept most of it off. Its been a lifetime thing with me. I was bulimic for my late teens into early twenties.I [probably would have kept going had I not severely injured myself getting crazy about exercising. The one thing I have found that works for me that is also healthy is lots of water. You get to like it. Keeps you close to a bathroom LOL but I always have my phone and my Poland Spring. Even when you want the M&M’s(my favorite food group) washing them down with a bottle of water makes you stop before the bag is finished.I went days on V8 juice 3 bean salad and water. The only habit that lasted is water. And the most important thing GIVE IT TO GOD.Pray about it. I’ll pray for you too.

  3. Ruth says:

    I love you for who you are! You are a GREAT friend. But, as you are wanting to make this change I will pray for you.

  4. I have taken a similar path and have just now (last 7-8 weeks) gotten things back on track. Your vibe is so positive that I am sure you can conquer this. I just checked my log book for my weigh ins every week. I am down exactly 20 lbs in 7 weeks. I did lose weight faster before but this time I decided to change things on a permanent scale of how I eat and so it is coming off a lot slower. I was the kid that the school nurse told to put down the shovel and bring back the spoon every year as a kid. I am also into it strictly for the healthy feeling and not the “6 pack’ or anything like that anymore. This last go around with weight control I actually just count the calories and cap myself off to 1400 per day. It is surprising how much food that is but just being conscious of what I am putting into my body and the accountability for counting those calories has helped me to slowly conquer what I knew was the ultimate problem and that is “Portion Control” (I guess the school nurse was right, LOL ). You are Way Too Smart of a Woman to NOT be able to take control of this part of your life! Believe me when you do EVERYTHING will come together for you. All the best, your fellow Active Rainer down here in Pocono!

  5. Really admire the honesty of your post. Having worked in health care, I have an interest in the multiple determinants of weight gain and believe it is more than just personal responsibility. Restaurants, food manufacturers, built environments–all play a role in weight gain. Good for you starting on the weight loss journey again. Good luck in your own personal behavior changes. Now, hopefully we can get society to make some changes, too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate it!

  6. Thank you – I agree, a lot of this issue goes back to food manufactures – many of the additives make our food less nutritious but filled with empty calories . .. it’s more than just you as a person but ultimately, you have control over what you put in your mouth. 🙂

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