What is WRONG With Me

Reading over my blog posts, I see that I keep struggling with the same issues over and over and over – my weight, intimacy with God, feeling inadequate.  I write posts that sound like I’m communing with God and have it all together or that I’m going to lose weight THIS time and I’m prepared.

And here I am, months later, back in the same place I started.  It is as if I am riding on a toy train – the track has a varied landscape but inevitably, though I think I’m moving forward, I find myself back at the same station time and time again.

Every time I “start again” I think, this time! This time will be different! This time will bring me to a new place, a new adventure, and new plane of life that I never expected to experience.  I will grow, I will be stronger, I will “have a grip.”

And instead, here I am, back at the Centerville Station, just like the people in this Twilight Zone episode, Stopover in a Quiet Town.

Perhaps that is why this is one of my favorite episodes.  It is the story of my emotional and spiritual life.  Every time I think I’m on my way, that I’m moving forward, I end up back in Centerville again.

Karen Rice, AKA Wizzy


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