Dear Hobby Lobby:

Sigh.  Once again, a “Christian” business is making headlines, and not necessarily in a positive way.  Like the Chic-Fil-A debacle of this past summer, people are upset with yet another Christian business…this time,  Hobby Lobby is resisting the Obamacare mandate of providing “the  morning after pill” to its employees as part of their insurance benefits.  Citing their Christian faith and the belief in the sanctity of human life, Hobby Lobby honchos say it is against their moral system of faith to provide something that could induce abortions.


But…it is not against their moral system of faith to sell–and profit from– millions of dollars worth of Chinese imports in their 400+ stores across America, is it?  The imports come from the same nation that abuses human beings every day in the slave labor /prison like factories…the same nation that jails people of faith….the same nation that forces abortions on their citizens.  That, somehow, is OK, because it nets them a profit.

Of course, everyone sells Chinese goods.  And that makes it OK.  Right?  Hmmm.  I don’t think so.   I don’t know what the Jesus who cleared the temple with whips would say about it.

Hobby Lobby is a for-profit business organization; not a church and not a ministry.   They may be closed to the public on Sundays, but they still make some of their employees work on Sundays and well after 8 pm.  So don’t be fooled into thinking they “honor the Sabbath and keep it holy” just because they are closed for business.

I also have issues with for-profit businesses run by Christians being called “ministries.”  I have no problem with Christians running businesses…but please, let’s call a spade a spade. If you are in it for profit, it is a business.  If you are in it to benefit others, it is a ministry.  Simplistic, I know but hey.

The fact that stores like Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, Walmart, etc. and the like have put small local Mom and Pop stores out of business, sell Chinese imports created on the backs of the abused and downtrodden without batting an eye bothers me, but it bothers me more when it is a company claiming the name of Christ in their business.  I think Hobby Lobby’s issues with the birth control would ring more true to me if they also made a pledge to sell more American made goods – or goods produced in countries that do not violate basic human rights.  Imagine what buying power a retail giant like Hobby Lobby would have if they say “no” to imports and look to domestic suppliers for their goods?

I might shop there if they did.  As it stands now, they just sicken me.  And it’s not about the birth control … it’s about their picking and choosing which moral issues to make a stand on.  A “possible” abortive pill…vs. profits off millions of dollars of products that have been made under deplorable conditions every day from a nation that forces abortions on its people on a regular basis.  OK. …sure.


8 thoughts on “Dear Hobby Lobby:

  1. Betty Chappell says:

    So .. send your letter to Hobby Lobby. It’s so easy to express an opinion when nothing else is involved. You actually have the potential to address this issue to the company. I do appreciate the fact that, although they are a for-profit company, there is no denying that they do also contribute to charitable organizations (Christian ministries and churches).

    Unfortunately, there is, once again (is that a surprise) the hand of the government. For years, whenever anyone lost their jobs in manufacturing because of foreign imports, the government paid for, and continues to pay for re-educating people. That is because they have engineered the trade agreements. And, since China owns our debts, it is really very unlikely that the government will change this.

    I, personally, hope that they are not forced to provide this medical care. It would set a greater precedence for other companies, and inevitably, hospitals .. much like where you raved over your recent experience. That would all change, and not for the better. Maybe it will be in this coming generation that people will widely support fair trade, but it’s more likely that the mass will prefer to save their almighty buck by purchasing “made in China” items.

    As for me … I will continue what I’ve been doing for over 30 years now.. boycotting products when I choose and of course, writing letters to companies to let them know that I’m no longer purchasing their products (so much easier with computers). And, I just may have to visit Hobby Lobby, since I’ve never been there .. all of that will be right after I stop and get my Chik-Fil-A sandwich 🙂

  2. I will send them a letter. Charitable contributions aside – every business makes charitable contributions – they need the tax write offs. The Catholic hospital is part of the Church – Hobby Lobby is not and they should not pretend to be one nor should they demand the rights of a religious non-profit.

  3. Betty Chappell says:

    Although it may be an entity of the church, it is not the church. Catholic hospitals often receive public funding. When I worked with an investment firm, there were volumes of municipal bonds that went through for Catholic hospitals. All of that is considered public funding.
    I truly believe that if Hobby Lobby is forced to include this medical coverage, it will be a domino effect. I’d already heard talk about some of the Catholic hospitals closing down for this reason. If they couldn’t accept public funding, they couldn’t offer their charity services when needed, and they would not compromise their belief in providing abortions .. and they would eventually fade.
    And to think .. this is primarily because of that morning after pill. I think they must all have their heads in the sand to not realize that birth control pills are really the same. I remember how it was always advertised as a way to prevent a pregnancy from happening. In reality, the “pregnancy” happens. The egg is fertilized with the sperm and would most likely result in a viable pregnancy. What the don’t advertise is .. the pill creates such a hostile environment that embryo cannot attach itself to the wall of the uterus.

  4. The fact remains…Hobby Lobby apparently has no problem with the atrocities committed against humanity, including forced abortions, in China since they are reaping millions every year off the sale of those products. I’m not speaking out in favor of Obamacare at all; I am speaking out against their hypocrisy.

  5. Hi Karen. I, too, have recently been thinking about this. It is difficult to walk into Hobby Lobby and find anything without the “Made in China” label. As an avid crafter, my newfound consideration of fair labor is making the quest for craft supplies an overwhelming one. It’s sad that they don’t seem to be considering how so many of the products that are sold at their stores are affecting people across the globe.

  6. Thank you for reading and commenting, Kristen. It is very sad and overwhelming…Chinese goods are everywhere. This is thanks to politics – going back at least as far as Richard Nixon….of course some benefits of less manufacturing here = a little less pollution in our streams and waterways…but wow. Everything – EVERYTHING is driven by the almighty dollar and what will net the biggest profit, rather than…what will be best for everyone?

  7. I have always wondered about Hobby Lobby. I own a small business and I do the research to purchase only American made or Fair Trade. If they ARE supporting fair trade, I sure would like to know how they can sell items so cheaply. So being closed on Sunday was a big red flag for me. I have not yet found any research done to verify that they do not purchase fair trade but I just don’t see how they are. Do you know where I might find this information? The whole “We are a Christian company” statement is tainted by their actual practices.

  8. Dear Nancy – Thank you for the comment, I apologize in the delay in approving it – I never got notification that you posted. I would think that if they dealt only in Fair Trade products, or even mostly in Fair Trade products, that they would shout it from the rooftops…. I’m just so sick and tired of the name of Christ being used to justify what is, essentially, greed.

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