The Good of the Many vs. The Few

Recently I was told by someone (who has not actually spoken to me in person for many years, at least a dozen) that she knew exactly what I meant, and it meant the opposite of what I said.

I stated in a discussion about hydrofracking that I was not against “people improving their station in life” (as was her contention regarding people opposed to fracking) and that instead, I was against industry in general running rampant through our environment and polluting at will.  If one did even a simple internet search on our nation’s major waterways you will find that most of them are or have been heavily polluted – often due to gross negligence on the part of industry.

She then said to me “Well what you’re REALLY against is TECHNOLOGY, and I’m laughing at you because you use technology EVERY DAY…”

No, no I’m not against technology. I am not against industry. I am against the lack of enforcement of so-called regulations that are supposed to protect our environment. I am against companies running roughshod over the ecology and environment all in the name of making money.

I’m not against capitalism or technology, but I am against “causing harm.”  

More than that I am against people making assumptions about my motives – especially when I clearly state what my motives are, and then I am told “No, no, that’s not what you mean at all” (because it doesn’t fit in with their picture of the opposing side, I guess.)

I mean what I say, I say what I mean. I was offended by the accusation that people who are for a healthy environment and are against hydrofracking at this point in time are actually jealous of landowners who can benefit from gas leases and fracking on their property.  I am not against anyone benefiting from anything – unless that benefit comes after causing harm for many. 

If it can be proven and demonstrated that these gas companies give a rip about protecting the environment, and will take every necessary precaution to protect the environment and cause as little harm as possible, if it can be proven that the water supply will not be tainted or destroyed, then by all means…frack away.

But until that day comes, I remain on the side that wants the best interests of the many to outweigh to special interests of the few.



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