Fluffy Goes to the Gym

Just Do It!

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Working Out

So I’ve been brooding over not being able to ride my bike with the onset of cold weather. Sure I could ride it, but I don’t want to go out in the cold. Additionally, the roads are scary this time of year. But I don’t want to lose my momentum. Well I actually lost it when I stopped riding sometime in October. So I want it back.  This is not a New Year’s Resolution, though the timing of it makes it seem that way.  This is a continuation of my commitment to better health I started in 2013.

I thought I’d go back to Curves. I had joined Curves briefly several years ago and found it to be an easy-to-do workout and a pleasant atmosphere (usually.) It is a gym specifically for women, and is designed to be a place where us obese ladies can feel “safe.”  I had to stop going at that time for financial reasons.  There really should be more affordable ways for people to get to a gym. Planet Fitness is affordable but more than an hour away from here…but that’s off topic.  So…anyway.

The other day I finally went to the Curves location. I don’t know if it’s under the same management, but let me tell you, I did not like it one bit. The atmosphere was not as I remembered. There was nobody there working out.  The person behind the desk ignored me until I stood there a few moments. Then she looked up, unsmiling, and said “Yes???”

My first instinct was to cut & run; I felt like she saw me as an annoyance, upsetting her routine…but I said: “I’d like to open up a membership.” She replied, “What plan do you want?” And I, unsure of the plans available, said “Ummm…uh…..” She interrupted my awkward stuttering with “Fitness ONLY?” And I said “Yeah….”

“It’s $44 a month. You may sit down.”  I obeyed.  I felt like I was in the principal’s office about to get detention.

She got some paperwork. Handing it to me, she said “You may peruse this before you sign the contract.” Being a Realtor, I know the devil is in the details, so I read the contract….my intention was to join for 6 months and then stop when bike season started. Uh-oh….I saw that it was a minimum 24 month contract, so I asked “I need to commit for 2 years?”

“That’s the contract,” was her terse reply. I looked again, knowing I wasn’t going to sign, but stalling for time so I could come up with just the right words…this woman made me very uncomfortable and I felt very unwelcome; this contract put me over the edge. I know of another gym closer to my home that has month to month and annual plans. But people who scare me go to that gym. They are fitness freaks.

I finally put the contract down and said “I think not…I can’t commit to that long of a term.”   Not exactly the clever response I wanted, but hey.  She raised her eyebrows and shrugged, as if to say “Oh well….whatever.”  She snatched up the paper, tossed it in the trash, and went back to her computer. No “Thank you for stopping by,” or “Maybe we can talk to the owner…” not even a “Goodbye.”

WOW!!! No wonder overweight people are afraid to go to gyms. This lady won the award, in my opinion, for being the worst gym rep ever. I don’t think she was unfriendly to me because I was overweight; I just don’t think she’s friendly at all. ATTENTION GYM OWNERS: People walking through your doors want to feel welcomed and important!!!

So I stopped at the other gym, the one closer to home, and signed up. It actually is a way better deal than Curves…and nicer people at the front desk, too.

Today was my first day at the gym. I was definitely feeling out of place, as nobody there working out looked like they had ANY body fat, and I looked like…well, an obese middle aged woman. But the cool thing is…nobody (apart from the trainer of course) paid any attention to me, that I could perceive – they were all focused on one thing and one thing only: their workout.

If you want to work out at a gym, and the person inside makes you feel awkward…uncomfortable…unwelcome…just go to a different one. JUST DO something. And remember all those other skinny people…the ones you want to hate…the ones you want to trip on their way to the fountain…well many of them were probably not always skinny and fit. They have to work hard to keep their level of fitness. Remember too that they’re not looking at you. They are focusing on their workout, their goals, thinking about their life situations….you go to the gym to focus on you, and getting healthy.

Don’t let jerks prevent you from doing it. I’m glad I didn’t let my experience at Curves turn me off. It almost did. I argued with myself all the way down to the other gym…I even sat in the parking lot, saying to myself, “Just go home. You have work to do. Come back tomorrow….” And I had to tell myself NO.  Get out of the car, Fluffy.  No.  Yes.  No.  You can go to Cocoon and get a skinny latte for your trip home if you do. OK. (Hey whatever it takes to win the battle.)

I think fat people are slightly scizo, (<—auto correct wants me to make that word Schlitz…not a bad idea…) because we are always having multiple conversations and arguments within our own head.

Maybe that will go away as I shed the pounds…I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m going to the gym again, and I’m not even going to bribe myself to do it.


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