Wizzy Who?

  • I thought your name is Karen. Why are you Wizzy?
    Because Wizzy is cooler sounding than Karen.
    Actually, when I was a little girl, my parent’s friends kept asking me my name, and they’d all laugh after I said, with all seriousness: “Ka-wen…..Wizza-beff.” There was always a distinct pause, as if my middle name deserved extra emphasis. Entering the online world, I had a ball with all the usernames I could have – naming myself Peppergal, Sue DoNimm, and my favorite, Wizzy_Pigabeth, (long story) which was shortened to Wizzy. in honor of my middle name.  My husband merely calls me “Honey“.  One of my friends calls me KATO, from “Karen-At-The-Office.”  I like everything, it seems, except Karen. ha ha!
  • So who are you, really?
    Legally, I am Karen E. Rice, real estate agent by day, real estate agent by night, mother of three, wife to one, all the time. I have a “professional” blog where I write in a business like manner, most of the time. This is my playtime blog.
  • Why two blogs? Can’t you just say what you want on the other one?
    Well, I could but I’d rather keep PikeWaynePAblog.com purely a professional real estate blog, keeping my personal life separate from the business life. I may write something religious, sarcastic, political, or any number of “off topic” items that may be considered inappropriate on a business blog. (My customers are more than welcome to read my personal blog if they want!)
  • Why are You Hugging A Giant Latte?
    Because I live for coffee. I distorted the picture so you can’t see how fat I am from drinking all the lattes, Dr Peppers, Coca-Cola, and other stuff that will eventually kill me.
  • Why don’t you eat and drink healthier things?
    Because statistics show that 100% of people who eat healthy die.

This picture of my kids, taken in Kansas City MO, is a great picture of the way I want to live my life:

Overflowing with energy & enthusiasm, and having enough sense to show restraint when it’s the smart thing to do.


2 thoughts on “Wizzy Who?

  1. karl032301 says:

    Hi Karen a.k.a Wizzy! I can’t help but agree that Wizzy is a catchy name. 8)
    i appreciate you dropping by my blog and yes, Sleepless in Seattle is indeed not the Testosterone carrier’s favorite. So, just make me an exemption. 8) I’m looking forward in reading your posts. My wife and I are extending our warm regards to your family as well.

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